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Business Model Overview Video/GuideBook

Business Model Overview Video/GuideBook



Great ideas and products in theory may be all we need to become successful, but that does not necessarily turn it into a commercial success. What makes the difference between success in theory and in the reality of competition is the business model, which describes how we will create and deliver value for our customers, and how we will extract some of that value for our own organization. The business model will include our product or service, our customers, and the economic engine that will enable us to meet our profitability and growth objectives. Business model development is important for both startups and new businesses, which need to discover a successful business model, and for established businesses, which often need to defend or evolve, and sometime pivot our business models.

This course develops a simple structured way to think about Startup business models and uses exercises and examples to train you in the science of business model development and to help you practice the art of business modeling.

About this course: What you’ll achieve: Planning and outlining your assumption for validation. These validation will be the foundation of your StartUp. You will use the Business Model Canvas innovation tool to approach building a startup opportunity. You’ll learn to identify and communicate the righthand side (5) of nine key elements of a business model: Customer Segments, Value Proposition, Channels, Customer Relationships, Revenue Streams. We focus on the customer side of the canvas in customer validation and concept validation stages. 

Who is this class for: Pre-seed startup entrepreneurs and founders, Startups that are rebuilding their model from bottom up. Any executives that want to learn how to help aid and grow the company they work for. This is an introductory overview course on the Business Model Canvas. Learners do not need to have any previous experience using the Business Model Canvas, as each of the 5 segments will be defined. Entry- and senior-level professionals in a variety of StartUp industries - including Mobile App, Tech, Education, Healthcare, Online/ Offline Business, and not-for-profit - will benefit from the course materials and overview experience. The only prerequisite is a strong desire to understand best practices in business model building and to master the skills needed to transform a new idea into a profitable reality.

You Will Learn

  • Build a business model for assumptions pre-validation
  • Business models defined and its parts 
  • Where a startup must begin and why
  • Lean business model strategy
  • How to create a value and make profits while growing

Instructor Cash Parish of Cash Parish Education 


  • Business Models Canvas Tool
  • Business Model Startup Guide  


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