What is a brand

What is a brand

What is a brand. Most who do not understand it will try to separate the emissions from the source, we can not separate the stank from the shit. A brand is the reflection of the reality. The reality of what your product or app is. A brand is all the separate pieces combined together to make a whole. I like to call it soul. The soul of a brand is the spirit in a distant shape and form recognizable by the user. All of the abstract parts coming together and manifesting as a brand. These abstract parts that makes up a brand are the intangible of the item of discussion (corporation, product, service, app). You can brand any and all parts of your business #see list

Let me go deeper, there are attributes or characteristics that make up a brand. Those are intangible but very real emissions from your App, product, service, or business.

These emissions are not separated from you they are you. If your mobile app has long load time, slow response time, crashes, then your brand is buggy, if your mobile app takes a lot of space to download then it's considered too big to use. It's not what tags a person put on you that will brand you it's what you emit that brands you... it's a reflection of you. As a brand you are not branded because of what you say you are. You are branded by the people that come in contact with you. It's what they say you are. Our goal is to try presudeing the user to see our Mobile app, product, service, or business the same way we see it or would like it to be seen. This is why we create features, functions, solutions, hire certain staff, great images that reflect the picture that we are hoping to paint.

To create a brand you must have purpose, vision, mission, & values they must align with your mobile app features, functions, user design & experience. Branding works best when you can connect with the user. Old people would always say birds of a feather flock together. That's marketing getting all the birds but its branding that makes them a flock. Users have a problem solved by your mobile app. They love your value design over all experience they believe you stand for what they stand for. They believe that the product was designed with them in mind.

We have not even begun to scratch the surface or what a brand is. But I sincerely hope this will begin to open your mind to looking at it in a different light. A brand is the expression of you.  Be you and you'll be the brand.

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Should My start up have payroll cost

What would Cash do? Well there is not a direct answer because every instance has its own circumstances. I can not give a one size fits all answer. But in a small business you have to remain small as you can to save yourself from burnout and failure.The mobile app development product or industry is no different than a tangible small business. The key to keep in mind is profits and losses money in, money out. TWO major problems I have seen in my experience is that if the visionary is not a mobile app developer the cost mounts before you can see sales. The second problem is you must find investors that will be willing to fund your operation when you can not afford it yourself. This means the money you accepts come at a cost, a small amount, for a small piece of the company. Don't worry this is better than a loan on a company that you haven't made profitable in some cases. But anyway if you have predicted the development stages of your Mobile App correctly, you will be able to raise the full amount to create the app hire the team and market the company in a timely manner.  

Payroll really depends on how well you understand your company's goals and needs. I do not recommend hiring full time employee before the app is developed. If you are not the mobile app developer, business strategies or brand developer for your own company I recommend outsourcing on an as needed basis. Now let's discuss how the owners pay themselves. If you do not provide app development, you should be heavily involved in the development of your brand strategy, and marketing strategies. If you are new to business and do not understand how to create these things outsource them. If you do not have a full time role that you understand how to execute do not pay yourself to host senseless meetings or sitting around searching for things to do. At the beginning there is nothing for a founder with limited or no skills to do. So continue to work at your main job or freelance to bring your income in. The average App takes 18wks to produce do not rob yourself blind on payroll.

I would not hire any team members until there is a fully agreed upon strategy, job duties and processes in place. This will help you lead better and hit your targeted goal. You should not hire people who has nothing to do. Don't make up work. Don't hire because you're lonely and need friends or a team to feel successful. You are not successful, investment from investors is not success so act like you know that. Let's get back to the vision the purpose and sell products the or clients actually need.

If you must pay yourself before you have developed a product be willing to take a loss pay the bare minimum. Do not make promise make sacrifice. Live low, live with family or friends. Live off one income, cut your expenses. Ride a bike to work, eat breakfast at home and take lunch to work. But whatever you do, do not live off your investment most startups burn out all their investment in payroll and developing apps that nobody will use or pay for.

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