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What is a brand

What is a brand

What is a brand. Most who do not understand it will try to separate the emissions from the source, we can not separate the stank from the shit. A brand is the reflection of the reality. The reality of what your product or app is. A brand is all the separate pieces combined together to make a whole. I like to call it soul. The soul of a brand is the spirit in a distant shape and form recognizable by the user. All of the abstract parts coming together and manifesting as a brand. These abstract parts that makes up a brand are the intangible of the item of discussion (corporation, product, service, app). You can brand any and all parts of your business #see list

Let me go deeper, there are attributes or characteristics that make up a brand. Those are intangible but very real emissions from your App, product, service, or business.

These emissions are not separated from you they are you. If your mobile app has long load time, slow response time, crashes, then your brand is buggy, if your mobile app takes a lot of space to download then it's considered too big to use. It's not what tags a person put on you that will brand you it's what you emit that brands you... it's a reflection of you. As a brand you are not branded because of what you say you are. You are branded by the people that come in contact with you. It's what they say you are. Our goal is to try presudeing the user to see our Mobile app, product, service, or business the same way we see it or would like it to be seen. This is why we create features, functions, solutions, hire certain staff, great images that reflect the picture that we are hoping to paint.

To create a brand you must have purpose, vision, mission, & values they must align with your mobile app features, functions, user design & experience. Branding works best when you can connect with the user. Old people would always say birds of a feather flock together. That's marketing getting all the birds but its branding that makes them a flock. Users have a problem solved by your mobile app. They love your value design over all experience they believe you stand for what they stand for. They believe that the product was designed with them in mind.

We have not even begun to scratch the surface or what a brand is. But I sincerely hope this will begin to open your mind to looking at it in a different light. A brand is the expression of you.  Be you and you'll be the brand.

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