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Business Advisor Services In New Orleans

Business advisor services for New Orleans and beyond.Helping early stage startups achieve success. Book your session today with Autour,Speaker and Educator Cash Parish.


Business Advisor services. Cash Parish specialized in helping early-stage startups with business development. Leveraging over 20 years of a business experience,business contacts and networks to help solve the complexities of startup entrepreneurship. Dedicated to the success of diversity in startup entrepreneurship. Cash Parish is  selective with the projects that he works with to guarantee his impact and a startup industry. Working locally in the New Orleans area but supporting clients from around the world.

When building a brand new business there are a lot of variables that can cause a business to fail. Startup entrepreneurs have a need for unbiased opinions and guided direction. Cash Parish working with his team creates a simple blueprint or road map for each individual client. Advising them on the proper steps to take while educating them on the process of each step. Working with each client to create a unique business model fit. Each startup is different the skill sets on competencies personality types Founders Equity splits Etc. We ask the hard questions dig deep and uncover everything so we can build a custom strategy and drive early-stage startups to traction. Below you can find our business advisor session . If you are located in New Orleans Louisiana you can send a request for a face-to-face meet up.


Book a personal session. Speak with Cash Parish directly. Learn from his experience and gain current tactics practice in the startup society.