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E Books for Entrepreneurs by an Entrepreneur

Cash Parish is an urban small business thought leader creating short content for fast moving hustlers on the go. The small business development tips will save you time and money, help you avoid pitfalls reprogram your small business sub conscious and give you a whole new perspective on small business strategy and leadership.  

Got Hustle
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Got Hustle By Cash Parish

Small business strategist Cash Parish has come back again  teaching the philosophies of small business. Cash Parish uses one of his former brick and mortar brands Skintastic Art as the platform to teach entrepreneurs how to hustle. Learn how to move in todays economy. Leadership advice from one of america's most ruthless small business men. Learn how to cut through the drama and BS that school and other so called educators believe is to inappropriate  to speak on. Cash Parish gives you life & hope proven dependable business philosophies for running your brand. 


Got Clientel 

The operations behind the business. Cash Parish delivers high powered hard hitting content for the urban small business entrepreneur. Teaching the business behind the business. Learn all the things needed to build and rebuild clientele the correct way. There is simply no comparison to this short read designed to get you back on track. 


The Combo
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Got Clientel Ebook
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This book has opened my eyes to what I must do. Clients vs customers, building from the inside out. What a difference this will make in my life
— -Torrie McCormick