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I make content to inspire and encourage startup entrepreneurs to persevere through the struggle.
— Cash Parish

Got Clientel Music
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Music to hustle to Cash Parish drops a 4 song maxi single for the battle buddies ion small business building. 

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How to avoid Startup failure
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How to avoid Startup failure
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Let Cash Parish show you how to avoid startup failure by walking you through each stage of entrepreneurship; from concept to launch, growth and exit strategies. 

WHO: Startup Founders, Leaders and C-level executives. 

Cash Parish speaks on how to keep yourself moving and growing while avoiding failure. Failure comes from all kinds of mistakes. This lecture will save you years of struggling and making the same mistake over and over that will affect the growth of your startup. Cash talks about how to keep your money flowing without burning your startup capital. Keeping your mind-set global, making sales profits over growth and becoming attractive to investors. 

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You will gain clarity, insight, focus and discipline. Invest in yourself if you want to achieve startup success and growth.  Cash Parish also addresses traction, sales, users, customer development, team building, product development, pride, mission, vision and purpose.

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I speak with the hopes that people who have a predisposition to change will be changed. We can never avoid failure by hearing alone, only by listening and implementing what we listen to will create success.
— Cash Parish