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Proceed membership

An online society with on-demand education.
We provide inspiration, tools and resources for startup founders and teams.

Who should join?

The Proceed Startup Society Membership is engineered for Pre-seed Stage startup teams. Our content is designed to take the challenges out of startup learning. Empowering members with the belief that they can and will achieve success. We believe in inclusion with diversity in educational styles for our diverse members. Our content is unique in that it will provide solid education for seasoned startup industry natives, as well as new entrants to the startup industry. Our content contains essential startup entrepreneurship education, motivation, and courses to progress our members from Idea Stage to Company Development Stage. 

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Overcoming Challenges

Have you ever had a great idea but didn't know where to start? Maybe you did not have any connections or lacked the funding. Have you ever felt you needed more confidence or were unaccepted by the industry? Our Proceed philosophy is simple, as we believe it begins with a common bond of a Society.

Our Society is a collective of like-minded individuals committed to building startups. Education is the core of this society. When we learn to build startups correctly, necessities such as media coverage, investors, co-founders, team members and funding will become available.    


Education and hard work builds traction. The traction builds revenue and funding. This industry is vast and deep with endless learning. Our membership is for those desiring longterm investment in personal development. No one can master this industry in a brief 6 day summit.  You will need "slow drip" education that is simple and affordable. We take the same strategies and philosophies taught at major accelerators, incubators and college universities and deliver the information in a simplistic form to put you on the fast track.

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What Is The Curriculum?

Like Netflix, our educational courses grow monthly. As a member, you will have full access to all courses as long as your subscription is current. You can retake a course as often as you like.

Each course sold separately is a investment of $100 min sales price. We have bundled a variety of structured content inside this membership for a small rate of $30 a month or $300 a year

Here is a few of the courses inside the membership society currently.

  • Startup Glossary :  Learn The Basic Terms of the Startup Society. 

  • Startup Entrepreneurship Guide : Learn how startups work. 

  • How to avoid startup failure : Understanding the top reason startups fail.  

  • Building a Great Entrepreneur : The Remaking of You. 

  • Idea stage : Concepts and Market Research. 

  • Business Model Development : How to build a business model that works. 

  • More courses added monthly.

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Our Guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied with our Proceed Membership in the first 24 Hrs of your purchase we will completely refund 100% of your cost.   

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I want to become a member NOW

Please review the free sample of each course before you committee seeing is believing.  

If you are not completely satisfied with our Proceed Membership in the first 24 Hrs of your purchase we will completely refund 100% of your cost.